The best positions for anal sex

Anal sex is the bedroom’s Marmite move, but if you love some anal action then there are a few sex positions you need to make sure you cross off your list.

For starters, anal sex positions are a lot more adventurous than just pulling off the porn star doggy style. In fact, doggy style can be one of the least enjoyable positions when you first start off with anal sex – who would have thought huh?

We spoke to Sex and Relationships expert Cate Campbell to get her expert tips on which positions are the most OMG for some behind the scenes action.

She says that before you start you need to know and respect that anal sex is a whole other ball game to front-fun which means you’ll both need to act with a bit more preparation and care.

“Sessions exploring the anal area before intercourse are important to help both partners relax and learn how their bodies respond to anal stimulation. Usual foreplay and massage of the body and buttocks should preceed any anal touching to allow the area to relax. Begin by exploring the anal area with the fingers (keep nails short!) or tongue then start with the insertion of sex toys such as butt plugs and anal vibrators to get used to the sensation of something in the anus,” she says.

To get the most out of anal sex, it’s best to be prepared with plenty of foreplay (and lots of lube).

So if you’re all warmed up and raring to go, check our pick of twenty of the best anal sex positions to add to your repertoire.

The Curled Angel

Cate says that starting off in a sexy spoon position is the right way to go.

So get your man to lie down behind you and bend your bodies together. This position is great because you’ll both be pretty relaxed (which is key to your enjoyment of anal) and he’ll be able to reach around to your other important parts like your breasts and clitoris.

Cate says: “A side by side ‘spoons’ position is a great way to start, especially if the woman bends and stretches her upper legs away from her body, as this automatically begins to open the external sphincter a little.”

The Double Decker

You can also flip the side spoon on it’s er, back too. In the Double Decker position you can start off in your spoon and then move your bodies towards the ceiling.

You’ll still have the closeness that you want from classic spooning sex but something a little different.

Plus you get a bit more control from being on top, you’ve just got to hope he doesn’t mind getting a bit squished.

So if you like the feeling of this position, you can move onto our next set of tricks.

Afternoon Delight

If you get a bit bored with simple spooning then you can try this variation.

Afternoon Delight sees your guy at the same position but you turn onto your back at a 90 degree angle and let him enter you from there. Again your anus will be at a wider, more relaxed angle so sex will be easier.

He’ll also be able to reach the all important parts of you, and you can give his balls some extra attention too.

The Clip

Apart from being a little more effort, there is no reason not to enjoy getting on top of your partner. Not only do they get an eyeful, Cate says you have more control and are even more likely to orgasm in this position…win, win.

The Clip lets your man have access to your clitoris, and for you to intensify your pleasure by arching your back leaning away from him.

Cate says: “Women on top positions give women more control so they may be able to position themselves in a way which gives maximum stimulation to the clitoris. In some positions, the stretching of the skin and muscle around the anus offers some pull on the clitoris which is stimulating but this requires experimentation.”

The Rocking Horse

Control is especially important for anal sex; as this is such a sensitive area it is crucial that you have some control of what is going on down there. But on top (literally) of you and your man having top-notch pillow talk, you can also take matters into your own hands.

The Rocking Horse requires your guy to sit cross-legged and lean back to support himself as you straddle him.

This variation of woman on top allows for more intimacy between you both as well as greater sensations for your clitoris as you grind up against him.

Reverse Cowgirl

One of the most popular positions for anal sex is the Reverse Cowgirl. Not only are you on top and so can take him as deep as you like, as fast or slow as you like, but he’ll also be able to see everything that you do.

Both of your hands are free to explore each other, so no sensation should go unmissed.

So get into the Reverse Cowgirl position, make your guy lie down with his legs together, turn away from him, bend your legs and straddle him.

The Amazon

If you want to add something extra to your sex life then our tip: use props.

The Amazon position adds a little spice into your bedroom routine without being too ambitious. It also allows you that well needed control while positioning you perfectly for orgasm.

Make sure you keep those feet on the ground no-matter how good it gets, you’ll need the anchorage for more bounce!

The Basket

With the Basket sex position you can mix up the depth of penetration whilst having anal sex.

The depth will be initially set by you and you can also control the motions. Leaving your partner free to caress your breasts and bum.

The Hinge

Now we’re moving towards the realms of doggy style with The Hinge.

In this position you’re still on top of him as though you were in Reverse Cowgirl but this time you lean forward onto your forearms and rest one leg between his.

This is also a great position if you need him to pay a bit more attention to your clitoris and he can have full access to your bum – exactly what you’re both after.

The Ape

Cate suggets a move that can require a bit of amateur acrobatics and a lot of effort from those thighs.

“Another good position is when the couple both sit back on their heels, with the woman’s back to the man’s front. The man has his legs beneath him and the woman may be most comfortable with her legs apart, on either side of the man’s legs .

“From this position she can lower herself on to the man’s penis and have control of depth of entry and thrusting.”




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