3 Things Lesbians Can Teach You About the Female Orgasm

It turns out you could likely take in some things from a lady who adores boobs the same amount of as you do: Lesbians have more continuous climaxes than straight ladies, as per a current review from Chapman University.

At the point when scientists studied straight and lesbian ladies about their sexual experiences for as long as a month, they found that 86 percent of lesbian ladies quite often achieved climax contrasted with just 65 percent of straight ladies, as we revealed. Furthermore, just about 33% of ladies routinely peaked from vaginal intercourse alone.

The female climax is a dubious thing to ace—yet lesbians have to some degree leverage here. They see precisely what sex feels like for a lady both physically and rationally, so they’re in a superior position to take as much time as is needed with specific practices that work toward the peak, says lead contemplate creator David Frederick, Ph.D., right-hand teacher in wellbeing brain research at Chapman University.

So before you get excessively disheartened, take a page from their playbook. Here are three things lesbians comprehend about the female climax—and how you can gain from them.


The term of sex—beginning the time at foreplay—is one of the most grounded indicators of climax for ladies, second just to getting oral sex, the specialists found. The issue is, men normally get turned on simpler and speedier than ladies, which can stop your session. (Continuously complete too quick? Here’s the manner by which to last longer in bed.)

Then again, lesbian couples commonly have no issue taking as much time as is needed, Frederick clarifies. Truth be told, 74 percent of lesbian ladies revealed engaging in sexual relations for 30 minutes or longer amid their last sexual experience. Not as much as half of straight ladies met the half-hour check, the specialists found.

So go for 30 minutes or longer in bed, including foreplay, proposes Frederick. Attempt these foreplay tips, or for a well-ordered guide on the best way to give her a climax, look at How to Pleasure a Woman from Men’s Health.

Which conveys us to our next point…


Oral sex is the absolute most essential indicator of regardless of whether a lady will climax, says Frederick.

Lesbians are substantially less liable to concentrate on vaginal intercourse and depend on oral sex to get each other off, he clarifies.

Oral sex gives you guide access to her clitoris, which is essential, since most ladies need some sort of clitoral incitement to accomplish climax, as per the Kinsey Institute. Attempt these oral sex moves next time you truly need to awe her.


At the point when straight couples engage in sexual relations, they have a tendency to take after a script: Intercourse happens, you climax, sex finishes, and you most likely nod off, says Frederick.

So what do gay ladies do any other way?

“With lesbian ladies, there may be all the more a “turn-taking” standard,” says Frederick. “One individual climaxes and afterward the other individual is conveyed to climax. There isn’t really that same ‘one-individual climaxes and-sex-is-over’ sort situation that you find in hetero couples.”

This is what you can do in the event that you fall into that groove: Bring her to climax before intercourse even begins (ahem, allude to tip #2), proposes Frederick. You can likewise attempt physically empowering her clitoris amid sex to build the odds of both of you speaking together.


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