The First Weed Gym Will Open Up In California

A gym owner in San Francisco wants to help you get fitter and stronger and maybe a little stoned in the process. Jim McAlpine, owner of the soon-to-be Power Plant Fitness — the country’s first cannabis gym — will open this May.

In a new interview with Outside magazine, McAlpine says his mission is to change the “heavy-lidded couch-bound” stereotype of marijuana users that abounds and instead prove that weed can take your workout to new heights.

While he’s as yet “pounding out the points of interest,” McAlpine said that the rec center will offer cannabis execution evaluations from mentors, who will then guide rec center goes through weed-helped workout arranges. You’ll likewise have the capacity to purchase a Power Plant-marked line of edibles at the rec center, he says.

The exploration is blended, however late reviews do demonstrate that pot may expand your torment limit and lessen uneasiness and aggravation. McAlpine likewise says that he’s seen enough episodic evidence in his work as a wellness expert to trust that weed can “help you get into the zone, into the eye-of-the-tiger mode.” That’s somewhat why he joined forces with previous football player Ricky Williams for the first round of seed cash.

Before long, McAlpine is likewise wanting to include areas in San Jose, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Denver.


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