8 Women Who’ve Tried Anal Sex Describe What It’s Actually Like

For a few ladies out there, butt-centric activity is the cherry on top of the sex form of a frozen yogurt sundae: somewhat additional joy that finishes something that was at that point heavenly all alone. In any case, for others, it’s more similar to pâté: sufficiently captivating, worth an attempt, however in no way, shape or form up their rear ways (as in, a penis will most likely not go up that back road until the end of time). We got ladies who fall on different parts of the butt-centric sex range to share precisely what it has a craving for amid the demonstration. Perused on for their enlightening—and now and again clever—sentiments.

“In case you’re going down or on avoid stomach, it sucks. You unquestionably feel like you’re going to crap, either all over yourself or on his d*ck. Be that as it may, in case you’re not and you do it decently and gradually, it’s euphoric. It’s unique in relation to consistent sex since it feels like he’s going way more profound. Butt-centric doesn’t help me climax all the more effortlessly, however.” — Madeline R.

“I was constantly perplexed it would hurt, yet butt-centric sex really isn’t such a great amount of agonizing as it is awkward. Be that as it may! The distress is so extraordinary for a few people that they can scarcely do it—like my closest companion, who’s attempted a couple times with her life partner and scarcely gotten it in, regardless of how much lube they utilize. The key, obviously, is to be casual, which you truly aren’t going to be—truth be told, knowing it’s going to happen will make you worry more than expected—unless you happen to love it. I… don’t love it, however, my sweetheart is super into it, and he’s extremely deferential and beautiful about not compelling me. We possibly do it once every couple of months. I’m typically somewhat dazed, which assists with the unwinding part and makes the entire thing somewhat less demanding. He’s a major backer of utilizing a buttplug already to ‘slacken everything up,’ which might possibly work, yet just coaxes it out more than I’d like.” — Anna B.

“I used to be fixated on butt-centric. At a certain point in secondary school, I was having more butt-centric than general sex. At the point when done right—and by right I mean when the person doesn’t push his d*ck into you like a steed in warmth—butt-centric can waver on that risky line amongst delight and torment. He feels greater than at any other time and totally tops you off. As he’s going in, you need to hold your breath since you have an inclination that your body doesn’t have space for air and his d*ck in the meantime, yet once he’s in, the delight transmits through your entire body. One time, be that as it may, my beau and I were strolling around my neighborhood and battling, according to normal. Subsequent to going to no determination by any stretch of the imagination, we chose to settle on a truce and, obviously, have despised sex alongside a neighbor’s home visible to everyone. He pulled down my shorts and with no notice or lube, pushed it up there like he was stuffing a gun to dispatch it against his most exceedingly bad adversary. I shouted, ‘TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!!!’ Once he was out, I needed to pull up my shorts, hunch down on the floor, and ruminate so I wouldn’t sh*t everywhere throughout the grass. It actually felt like he was hauling out my internal parts alongside his penis. The lesson of the story: Hate sex is hot, yet loathe butt-centric prompts to torment and touchy looseness of the bowels.” — Nina T.



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