This Dating App Makes It Easy to Find—or Dodge—Trump Lovers

What number of possibly extraordinary connections have been destroyed after one individual discovered the other didn’t share their same convictions? You could light up a flawless portable fire stick on a dating application—she’s keen, she’s fit, she’s interesting, she’s a Cubs fan—yet then you’re amidst a pleasant steak supper when all of a sudden she uncovers she voted in favor of Trump, and now you can hardly wait for the check to come. So how would you ensure intimate romance never gets upset again? Alright, Cupid has your back: The dating administration has uncovered two new elements for its versatile application that are intended to halt these ideological issues from developing in any way.

To start with up is another for-2017 Questions and Categories include, which solicits you a set from 50 topical inquiries that dates are “greatly enthusiastic about,” says OK Cupid, for example, “Is environmental change genuine?,” “Have you ever hosted on somebody after you’ve met them face to face?,” and essentially, “Trump?”— and uses your reactions to contract your pool of matches and discover somebody who shares your same political, ideological, and clearly ghosting convictions.

At that point, there’s DoubleTake, a Tinder-style highlight that packs a greater amount of your essential data—including more photographs, your particular advantages, and a mystery of your full profile—onto the screen that your potential matches swipe to begin an association. Since this current component’s beta dispatch, shared matches on the application have tripled, as per OK Cupid. (Look at this video to perceive how it functions.) May you never have a supper date grow into a political shouting match again.


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