How to Keep Your Sex Tapes Safe

You shouldn’t be Hulk Hogan to know a spilled sex tape can truly trouble you over the long haul. In any case, now, there’s an application for that: Enter Rumaki, the iOS application hailed as prenup for sex tapes. This is a colossal arrangement in the period of vengeance porn; there are whole law offices devoted to disputing situations where a displeased ex-posts their better half’s life systems on the web, a move that can demolish professions and cause enthusiastic misery for quite a long time to come. The producers of Rumaki want to kill exact retribution porn by making an unbiased ground—consider Suzuki Switzerland—where both sides must be in assertion before a video can be seen.

Here’s the manner by which it works: You and your accomplice download the application and connection every others’ records. One of you movies the video inside the application (since tripods are so MTV Cribs Season 5) and the video is quickly scrambled and saved money on each of your telephones. In any case, neither of you can see the video unless you both give assent, and clients can set one-time seeing rules and termination dates so recordings will vanish before things go south. What’s more, if a few separates while the video still exists, either gathering can erase the video from both telephones. The application is free temporarily, so you’ll need to act quickly on the off chance that you have a past filled with attractive sending.


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